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Sao Bien. Room for Education. is an Austrian-registered non-profit organization, founded in 2016.

The organization aims to give children aged between 6 and 11 access to quality education by building schools in very remote and very poor villages in Vietnam. By so doing it aims to contribute to the children’s right to education, as anchored in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sao Bien solely focuses on those areas in Vietnam which, due to their location and poverty, have not received sufficient support from the State and other NGOs  in the past. These areas are mostly populated by ethnic minorities.

Many organizations shy away from the logistic difficulties and additional costs that are often connected with these remote locations.

Sao Bien involves the local people and local authorities as well as teachers from the very beginning. This ensures a high degree of identification with the project and, at the same time, guarantees that the school exactly matches the specific needs of the particular village.

Agreements with the local authorities ensure a proper use of the building upon completion.

The project is implemented with the help of different local partners whose support is essential in particular for finding a suitable location, for maintaining contact with local authorities and a smooth and efficient implementation of the respective project.

High efficiency is achieved by a lean organization with an experienced project manager based in Vietnam and an NGO-experienced board based in Vienna that handles financial matters, risk management and legal aspects. Therefore, no money is wasted on headquarters and other overhead costs, but all money reaches the children in need.

The focus of an international organization in these regions will eventually raise awareness of the problematic situation of these minority groups.

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